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I thought it was odd that she'd wanted to hang out while her friends from home were visiting (as opposed to a weekend when she was bored and alone) but whatever, it was cool.

On Saturday afternoon, I took the train a few stops south and wandered through the meandering streets of her town. The program we were on provided complimentary accommodations to the teachers, but they varied quite a bit. Victoria had a traditional Japanese house, one that looked to be fairly big, at least from the outside.

Which is a long way of saying, for guys like me, potential hookup opportunities abounded.

As she moved in for the hug, I noticed for the first time that her nose was pierced, just a very small stud on the right side. I also couldn't help but notice that she had rather large breasts, particularly for such a petite girl.

I was soon offered a cocktail, which I readily accepted, and we all sat on the floor around the table getting acquainted with one another.

She had been in my initial orientation session in Tokyo six months earlier, and we'd introduced ourselves, but I hadn't seen her since then.

I didn't even realize she was teaching in a town just 15 miles south of me.

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The most memorable of these opportunities (by far) happened when I least expected it.

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